Testimonials | Gympie Land


Not only do they show you properties, they teach you about them too!

Chantelle Morgan - Sunshine Coast, QLD

Cassie and Ralph – the best team I have ever known! Thanks for the wild adventure!

John Huang - Brisbane, QLD

Amazing service. Dave spent so much time with us to find out what we wanted. He explained the whole process to us and helped us out with other parties that we needed to finish the process. Never thought finding the right property would include such amazing detail by the seller. Thankyou Dave!

Kellie Dioth - Brisbane, QLD

Excellent service very professional helped with every detail of finding a property. The staff were a pleasure to be around. Would highly recommend this company. Thank you so much for helping us find our amazing property. Lisa and Allan.

Lisa and Allan Rogers - Brisbane, QLD

It’s not often I go out of my way to write a testimonial but in this case this company deserves it. I am a hard person to please but I couldn’t believe the level of service and knowledge the staff at this company holds. I am an investor. I currently own 8 properties, 7 of them rented and the other I am watching being built as I write. This property is the property I bought through SQP. I don’t believe in negative gearing and all of my currently rented properties are positively geared. I also prefer detached homes, not apartments or units as they come with hidden costs and high tenant turnover. I have looked in a lot of areas around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and yes there are some good buys out there but none that come close to the returns that are possible in the areas SQP have. Even without taking into account depreciation and taxation advantages most of their packages are positively geared. The information I gained from this purchase is invaluable. They assisted me with finance, yes I have changed banks, sourced a property manager and already have a tenant in place for when the home is finished. Thank you to all the staff at SQP

Simon - North Lakes, QLD

I liked the process from beginning to end. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the potential! Thanks for getting me there.

Mal Ally - Sunshine Coast, QLD

Your on the ball, Ralph you listened and took me to the block I wanted in the end. Thanks for listening.

Malcolm Moffatt - Brisbane, QLD

I love this property! I love the trees, I love the gum smell, I love the breeze…I love everything!

Julie-Anne Salthouse - Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thanks for keeping my property slashed and at a very cheap price….well done!

Matthew Burge - Curra, QLD

You guys are great! Thanks heaps for helping us get our piece of Australia. Now I feel happy our kids will grow up in a country environment with no peer pressure from the wrong crowd. Without your help we wouldn’t have got the finance we needed to buy our home.Forever grateful

Coralie - Brisbane, QLD