FAQ | Gympie Land



How much are the council rates?

If you have owned or own a property now then you will be well aware of the amount of rates you are paying especially if you own a residential property in a city area. Some of our clients are making the move to acreage because of this very issue. It is common for owners in residential areas to be paying well over $20,00 a year and water rates are additional. In most cases, total rates on our properties are less than $12,00 a year.

When we move to the area, what work is available?
Choosing an acreage lifestyle normally means moving from one area to another and as such changing your place of employment comes with the territory. We are regularly assisting our clients by providing contacts with local businesses. Whether you are a skilled office worker, trade qualified employee or labourer our 25 years specialising in our area gives a distinct advantage giving our clients direct contacts with employers.
Can we use our property as a weekender?
This is one of the main reasons our clients buy an acreage property. While there are council rules that apply to using your property as a weekender, it is quite common practice and it gives you the opportunity to plant out your favourite fruit trees and gardens or spend some valuable down time away from the ratrace.
How long do we have to wait before we have to build?
None of our properties have a time limit that you must build by. So they make ideal properties for sitting on and investing for the future.


How long will it take to build our new home?
Most of our recommended builders have fixed term construction periods and we find that the majority of our clients have their home finished inside 15 weeks.


How much deposit will we need?

Most financial institutions will require you to have saved 20% of the purchase price but there are major banks that will consider as little as 10% deposit, so if you were wanting to buy a property for say $70,000 then you will need just $7,000. There will be other fees, just ask us for details.

Can you help us organise finance?
Did you know that you could buy an acreage property from us from just $50 a week? We are more than happy to assist you with finance starting with a free assessment even before you start your property search. Our 25 years of experience in the industry and contacts we have developed along the way have helped thousands of clients. It doesn’t matter whom you currently bank with and what your current income is, we will do our best to help including the necessary paperwork and appointments.
How much will Stamp Duty cost us?
Stamp duty is now called “Transfer Duty” and is calculated by the Office of State Revenue based on the purchase price or Government Valuation, which ever is the higher. There are some concessions available to certain buyers. First Home buyers have the greatest advantage with almost no Duty payable on most of our properties. Feel free to contact us for more details.


What are the rental returns?
The best answer to this question is to say that in most cases our packages provide you with a neutral to positive return. In other words, the overall income received from renting the home is more than the overall cost of owning the home…including the interest paid to the bank after you have borrowed to buy the property. The actual amount of rent you will receive will depend on the number of bedrooms, car accommodation, size of the land and features contained in the home. To gain an accurate figure we can provide you with an estimate based on similar rental properties.
Can you provide a list of the outgoing fees and charges related to leasing or renting a property?
Yes, each property is unique and therefore the costs will vary slightly.
How easy is it to find tenants?

We always recommend using qualified Property Managers. An experienced Property Manager has access to a data bank of qualified tenants and make renting your home easy so you can get on with your life. Our recommended Property Managers are constantly looking for property owners to rent their homes. Experience also proves that tenants tend to have longer leases and stay longer on an acreage property VS a residential city home, which gives our investors a better return, less turnover and tenants who treat your investment like it was their own.